The Laborastory is a science storytelling event in Melbourne that comes to tell the stories of science – the heroes, the egos, the breakthroughs and the mistakes of genius. From forgotten history and lonely laboratories, science and scientists quite literally take centre stage.

Four times a year, in both Melbourne and Perth, The Laborastory brings together five scientists from different fields to tell the remarkable stories of the heroes of their field. Each story is just ten short minutes. They tell the tales of the tragedies and triumphs of the men and women who made science their passion, and left legacies of groundbreaking discoveries that inspire the scientists of today.

The Laborastory was started in May 2013 by three friends who share a passion for science. Inspired by similar storytelling events around the world, they decided to start their own storytelling event in Melbourne with a science theme.

The shows have proven very popular and sell out fast, so make sure you book your tickets early!

Dr. Aaron Wagen


Aaron is a doctor and a researcher at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health.

Sarah Nagorcka


Sarah is a pharmacist turned artist. She lives at the intersection between art and science.

Dr. Andrea Bedini


Andrea is a physicist turned data scientist. He reads about Deep Learning to put himself to sleep and wants to teach Python to everyone.

Natalie Bedini


Natalie is a pharmacist and an editor. She has produced shows for Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Melbourne Fringe Festival.