Re-cap of the 3 June show

By June 15, 2014 August 27th, 2017 Science heroes

This month’s Laborastory session (the last one to be held at the Ciderhouse-check out our new venue here) included talks on the discoverer of electrolysis, the Bronte Sisters of the Botanical world, and a maverick con artist of sorts.

3x2 Laborastory June 2014

Prasanna Sritharan started off the evening with a talk on eccentric Eadweard Muybridge, the first to photograph a horse in the act of flying (also a pioneer in experiments combining chickens and torpedoes).

3x2 Laborastory June 2014-2

Kate Cranney went next with scientific illustrators Harriet and Helena Scott, the first female members of the Australian Entomological Society (the Australian Museum has an app for that here).

3x2 Laborastory June 2014-3

Dr Neil MacDonald then delivered a graphic (and hilarious) account of early experiments in anaesthesia (pubes and batons were involved).

3x2 Laborastory June 2014-4

Following a short refreshments break Dr Dave Gonsalvez then followed with a Italian anatomy professor Mondino de Liuzzi, a medieval surgeon with the best ever female to male surgery team ratio (a record that unfortunately, remains unchallenged in surgery today).

3x2 Laborastory June 2014-5

Tom Lang concluded the session with the rollicking adventures of Michael Faraday (Tesla was cool but guess what you need to test his theories-a Faraday cage).

Get the whole thing here and we’ll see you at the next session at the Spotted Mallard on Wednesday 9 July 2014.